Malware Removal

Malware Removal

By definition, types of malware (short for malicious software) include Trojan viruses, spyware viruses, adware viruses – pretty much any program or computer virus that infects your computer with malicious intent.

So how do you get rid of a malware virus once it invades?

With speed and tenacity. You take care of the speed (call us right away if you suspect something) – we take care of the tenacity (OK, we’re pretty fast at the malware removal, too).

Data Back-Ups are Important

Imagine trying to run your business without your customer contact information or history, financial records or product inventory data? If you just felt a twinge of panic, multiply that by 1000 if malware creeps into your computer system and wipes out all that essential information on your server.

If a virus has deleted important files, programs or data from your computer or network server, the importance of performing system back-ups becomes extremely clear. Once the malware removal has been completed, the computer data recovery process can take place. The data back-ups can simply be reloaded back onto your computer or server, restoring it as close as possible to its previous condition.

If you don’t currently have a good back-up system in place, or need to get a more frequent one established, just call our friendly help desk at (585) 502-8521  or get tips at our resource center. Our computer technicians can offer many feasible suggestions and find the best back-up solution for your company or home computer, and assist you to remove malware.

Malware Removal

Any malicious software intended to allow unauthorized remote access, or install spyware viruses and adware viruses to your computer is considered to be malware. A malware virus will sometimes even originate from official sites and often enters your computer in the manner of a Trojan horse virus.

If you suspect that your computer is infected by a malware virus, our computer technicians can get started right away on the malware removal process. Our goal is to restore your computer system back to normal, and be sure that the optimum security and virus scan software is in place.

Common Signs of Malware Infection

Although there are many causes for the computer problems below, such as hardware and software issues, they are often common indicators that a computer virus is present and Trojan horse virus removal may be necessary. Call a professional pc technician from WTG Services at (585) 502-8521 for a complete computer diagnostics test and to remove Trojan viruses.

  • Slow running computer 
  • Printing problems 
  • Strange error messages 
  • Screen changes or unusual graphics
  • Unexplained changes in file sizes or dates last used 
  • An unexplained increase in the number of files 
  • Family, friends or business associates in your contact list start getting strange emails from your account, often with a suspicious attachment  
  • Computer freezes or crashes
  • Software applications don’t function well

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