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Virus Alert Warning


  • Does your computer take a ridiculously long time to start? 
  • Has your computer become more slow while you are trying to work? 
  • Do you have “virus” or “infected” warnings popping-up? 
  • Does your web browser take you places you didn’t ask to go? 
  • Does your computer start, then take forever to do what you need it to? 
  • Are there unfamiliar “antivirus” pop-ups trying to sell you a removal?

A computer virus is no laughing matter. Every day, unscrupulous individuals come up with new malicious programs to invade our pc’s and laptops. Whether a virus worm, windows virus, or spyware virus, they're all out there, just waiting for you to open an unsuspecting email attachment or click on the wrong pop up window. Don't let an Internet virus take up residence in your computer - let WTG Services assist you with virus protection.

Virus Removal

Thankfully, a computer virus can often be removed before too much damage has occurred, or before it has spread to everyone in your email contact list. If you think you have a pc virus, taking quick action and call in a pc technician. We are experts in virus removal and adware removal, and will also help you take important steps to avoid them altogether.

Trojan Removal

Among the many Internet viruses that can affect your computer is a computer virus called a Trojan horse virus. Trojan viruses appear to be harmless and legitimate software or email attachments that the user downloads or executes, but instead can cause harm and create security risks by allowing someone else to access to your computer system remotely. Call (585) 502-8521 and set an appointment for us to remove Trojan viruses from your pc or laptop computer.

Antivirus computer software can detect and remove computer viruses such as a Trojan virus, spyware virus and adware virus before they can be installed.

Malware Removal

Any malicious software intended to allow unauthorized remote access, or install spyware viruses and adware viruses to your computer is considered to be malware. A malware virus will sometimes even originate from official sites and often enters your computer in the manner of a Trojan horse virus.

If you suspect that your computer is infected by a malware virus, our computer technicians can get started right away on the malware removal process. Our goal is to restore your computer system back to normal, and be sure that the optimum security and virus scan software is in place.

Virus Scan & Virus Protrection

Installing an up to date virus scan software program and firewall is the best defense against harmful computer viruses such as a Trojan virus, spyware virus, windows virus or other type of Internet virus. If a computer virus can’t get in, it can’t do the damage. Let us evaluate your current virus protection, and if we find any vulnerability to a pc virus, we’ll put the lockdown on the potential invaders. After all, it's difficult to get much accomplished with an infected computer.

Don’t delay – Once your security settings have been affected by an infection, it will be more vulnerable to rootkits, boot sector viruses, trojans, and unwanted intrusion. This means your important personal data, security and privacy may be affected. For Virus Removal Call Warren Technologies Group for assistance.

Virus and Malware Removal

All of these issues can be caused by viruses, malware, adware, and spyware. Most computers connected to the internet will have some form of infection on them. Some of these infections are visible, some are not. All carry some risk to security.

Infections can have a range of effects. Viral infections can steal your private data and share it with third parties, damage your operating system or installed programs, destroy your data (documents, pictures etc), remove internet access and redirect to malicious sites, harvest your personal email addresses and contacts, some can even damage your computer’s hardware.

WTG uses a 6-stage virus removal system. Unlike other companies, we don’t just scan once, and tell you everything is “OK”. Our process begins with manual removal, where visible infections are removed by a series of edits to your system files, this is followed by 2 high-end antivirus engine scans, 2 specialized rootkit scans, and a general high-end malware scan. These processes are far more effective than using any single household virus scanner, like McAfee or Norton, as this approach (you may have found, yourself) will not remove 100% of infections.

Don’t delay – Once your security settings have been affected by an infection, it will be more vulnerable to rootkits, boot sector viruses, trojans, and unwanted intrusion. This means your important personal data may be affected.