(HIPPA) Data Security Requirements

HIPPA Data Security Requirements

"If you interact with sensitive data, you must meet HIPAA security requirements. WTG can help..."

Let WTG (HIPAA) technical specialists help you ensure your data meets (HIPAA) data security requirements.

Let WTG HIPAA technical specialists help you ensure your data meets HIPAA data security requirements. Any business handling sensitive patient data is required to protect that data as mandated by HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) and failure to protect your data may result in a significant fine. Let WTG HIPAA services help!

We will work with your business to create a customized and comprehensive solution that will meet HIPAA data security requirements and protect your data. We use a unique 3-step process to diagnose any threats to your HIPAA data security and then work with you to implement HIPAA data security requirements that meet all HIPAA standards.

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