Wireless Set Up & Repair

Wireless Router Network Diagram

A home network doesn’t have to be complicated and expensive. Most homes now have multiple computers and other devices such as printers, scanners, TVs, gaming consoles, etc. WTG Services can network all of these devices to help you get the most out of your electronic gadgets. Regardless if you need a wired or wireless home network, we have the right solution for your needs.

We can take care of DNS settings, encryption and IP addresses

So you don’t have to worry about the technical stuff. No need to transport files using a flash drive or CD to another computer or having to use a specific computer because it’s the only one connected to a printer. There are many advantages to a home network but it needs to be setup correctly to ensure proper functionality and reliable security.

Home Network Set Up

While wireless network capabilities are especially helpful for households with multiple computer users, just about anyone can benefit from the flexibility and freedom that comes from a wireless network setup. No more worries about the expense of installing cable or DSL connections in several rooms – all you need is one connection, a wireless router and a computer setup with wireless capability. Once you have your wireless set up, just about any room in the house (or even your deck or patio) can become a workspace or a quiet setting to catch up on the latest news and information online.

Some advantages of a home network include:

  • Surf the web from any spot in your home 
  • Share files between your computers 
  • Share a printer that all computers can use 
  • Connect your Blu-Ray, TV or game console to the internet 
  • Allows for wireless connectivity for all of your mobile devices including smart phones 
  • Protect your children by filtering or restricting their internet access
  •   Allow authorized guests to use your internet connection 
  • Enjoy the protection a hardware based firewall can provide 
  • …and more

5 Port Router

Wireless Printing

Surfing from your kitchen or bedroom isn’t the only advantage available with a wireless network setup. Go wireless with your printing as well! Sit in your dining room and print to the home office printer in your basement – it’s that simple.

Computer Networking Repair

Already have your home network set up, but are experiencing some problems? Computer networking repair is one of our many computer services – we’re just a phone call away at (585) 502-8521.

Wireless Security

No wireless set up is complete without taking the steps to protect it from a computer virus or unsolicited access to your personal files. Your wireless network is for the use of you and your family, not the entire neighborhood – or the guy in the truck parked on the street across from your house.

Business Wireless Set Up

Even companies with concerns about sensitive data can discover the benefits of a secure, wireless network. Before your network set up takes place, we’ll go over all of your options to ensure maximum security and employee productivity. We know your staff works hard, but sometimes it’s also necessary to remove tempting distractions and limit access to certain websites.

Network Set Up & Repair

Whether your in-house IT professional needs some troubleshooting assistance with a computer networking repair, or you need us to manage and maintain your wireless network set up, our computer technicians will get your system back up and running again with either a minimal amount of downtime – or none at all! Our professional team is ready to help solve any networking problem.

With all home network setups, we will provide a handy reference document which will include all of your configurations, passwords and encryption key as well as basic troubleshooting tips should you experience any problems. For a properly configured wired or wireless home network, contact the pros at Warren Technologies Group!

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