Computer Technician

Computer Technician at work

A computer technician at WTG Services has competence – a word that’s often overused and taken for granted. Simply said, we know what we’re doing and we do it well. We’d love to earn your trust and your business as your #1 resource for competent, reliable computer services.

Patient and Courteous Computer Techs

Not that computer savvy? No problem. Our computer technicians will always be patient and courteous and take the time to take the time to respond to each and every question thoroughly. You'll see why we're the number one choice in central New York.

Why Call a Professional Computer Technician?

Everyone knows someone who “knows a little bit about computers.” But do you really want to take a chance on your neighbor’s nephew’s best friend that’s still in high school? Granted, kids know a lot these days, but wouldn’t you rather have an experienced pc technician work on your home computer or business network? And you wouldn’t even have to wait until after soccer practice.

The “I Think I Can Fix It Myself” Syndrome:

On the other side of the coin, most of us have spent hours, even days and weeks, trying to find answers to computer problems and questions that could be addressed within a few minutes by a trained, professional computer technician. Saving time and reducing stress is one of the best reasons to call us for any type of computer support or service.

It Doesn’t Cost As Much As You Think:

Our affordable rates for computer tech support won’t break your budget. Waiting until a computer virus spreads through your entire business network might be a little more costly. Just call our office, and one of our qualified staff members will take the time to answer your questions and explain the details.

Call us today at (585) 502-8521 for the following computer technical support services (including, but not limited to):

Call us today at (585) 502-8521 for any type of virus removal or to improve your virus scan protection. We'll schedule a visit from one of our expert computer technicians for computer repair, computer services or computer support. For your convenience, we also have an easy to use contact form.