Computer Setup - Computer Installation

Computer Setup and Installation

The exciting part is using your new computer, not the computer setup. We’ll not only take the headache out of “what cord goes where,” but we’ll also ensure that your files and programs are expertly transferred and everything is functional after your computer installation.

Need a new printer? We’ll take care of installing the new printer driver, testing it and anything else that is needed to get your printer and computer set up in record time.

Hardware and Software Upgrades

Are you having trouble opening some of the new file versions that friends or associates send to you? Then it’s time to install computer software upgrades. What about that big, clunky old monitor that takes up half the space on your desk? Let us switch it out with a sleek, new flat screen monitor, and get your work space back.

Of course, appearance doesn’t mean anything if your server or hard drive is no longer performing properly. We’ll be happy to send an expert pc technician to evaluate your current system, make recommendations for improvements, and install computer hardware when necessary.

Memory Upgrades

You don’t have to start limiting your computer usage or buy a new computer when your main hard drive is close to 100% full. Sometimes all it takes is a little computer maintenance and a memory upgrade or RAM upgrade.

Digital Cameras and Photos

Although none of us like to think about it, computers crash every day and cause valuable files to disappear, including the many digital photo files we store on our hard drives. Don’t let years of precious memories get wiped out. One of our computer technicians can come out and put your photos on CD’s or the media of your choice, and show you how easy it is to preserve the important events in your life.

Just got a new camera, but aren’t sure how to get the software installed on your computer? Give us a call at (585) 502-8521 and we can take care of that too!

General Computer Setup Services

In addition to computer set up and computer installation, our computer technicians can also provide computer services such as installing parental controls for Internet usage and even help with your computer setup after a residential or business move.

Call us today at (585) 502-8521 for any type of virus removal or to improve your virus scan protection. We'll schedule a visit from one of our expert computer technicians for computer repair, computer services or computer support. For your convenience, we also have an easy to use contact form.