Networking is vital to your business

Your network is vital to your business. WTG Mobile provides the solution for all of your networking needs. 

Networking issues, repair and setup from expert technicians and certified professionals.

We will help setup your wireless or LAN network connections at home or the office.

Your network is vital to your business. WTG Mobile provides the solution for all of your networking needs. In addition to traditional wired networks, our technicians are experts at installing, configuring, and securing wireless networks. Partnered with our fast response on-site service, we provide you with the latest technology and assurance of minimal downtime.

  • Wireless (network design, configuration, security, installation)
  • Wired (switches, routers, modems)
  • Network Testing / Troubleshooting

We provide Network Cabling in an area near you.

Network Cabling provides you with the installation of vast systems of devices that serve to create an internal communication and computing system for your company. Many technicians may not have our extensive resources to repair, install, or upgrade these systems. This is why our commercial clients rely on our experienced information technology department. Our technicians are experts in most system repairs whether they are complicated or simple. There is no stone we do not overturn to provide a thorough and precise investigation into the cause of a malfunction in your internal system.

Get an estimate today.

Your network cabling can be repaired or replaced by calling our team at onCALL 25/8 Technology Solutions today. We will install your systems or provide you with a thorough repair that will put your mind at ease. Our technicians have the right equipment and the expertise to make sure your devices are always in good hands.

Call us today at (585) 502-8521 for any type of virus removal or to improve your virus scan protection. We'll schedule a visit from one of our expert computer technicians for computer repair, computer services or computer support. For your convenience, we also have an easy to use contact form.